What is the Dream11 Season Challenge?

Do you love following sports leagues? Are you the kind of sports fan who watches every match in the season and you love to play fantasy bets? Rejoice, Dream11 Season Challenge is for you!

As the name suggests, Dream11 Season Challenge contains everything you love in a single go as it has season and fantasy. This lasts over the course of a season or particular rounds rather than a single match.

Play the game here : https://season.dream11.com/

Components of Season Challenge

season challenge overview
Source : season.dream11.com

Season Challenge

This is going to be a whole league long fantasy match between fantasy players. The fantasy player will pick players from all the available players of all teams taking part in the league. Unlike Daily Fantasy where you get to choose players from two teams playing, you can create only one team over the course of the season.

Round Challenge

What is a round? Simply put, a round is a smaller version of season challenge.For example, if a league has a total of 10 teams and certain number of matches, a round will consist of a minimum of 5 matches where all 10 teams play against each other.

Round status

  • OPEN : The Round Status before the deadline (60 mins before the start of the first match of the round). You can make changes to your team only when the round status is OPEN.
  • LIVE : The Round Status immediately after the deadline hits. The status will remain LIVE till the final match of the round ends.
  • CLOSED : The Round Status as soon as the final match of the round ends. Your team’s score will be reviewed after the status is CLOSED.

Private Challenge

Private Contests are a great way to challenge friends. However, it is important to remember that you can create Private Contests for the entire season only. Private Contests cannot be created for a single round. Create Private Contests and compete with friends.

Creating A Team

Credit System

You will be given a total of 100 credit points to create your team. Every player will be given a credit value which will differ according to their performance and popularity.

Team Formation

dream11 player window
dream11 player window

You have to pick a minimum and maximum number of players from each category. Ensure that you have the right mix of players.

You cannot pick more than 7 players from a single team.

Pick Captain and Vice Captain

Trading Players

trading window
trading window

One of the key and decisive feature about the season challenge is trading players. As the players you have pick for the first time might not perform in other parts of the league and TRADING option gives you a chance to change that player.

Key Things about Trades

  • You can make a maximum of 3 trades for free before the Deadline of every round. Additional trades can be made by paying cost (also called Premium Trades) of -10 Fantasy Points per trade.
  • If you trade out your Captain or Vice-Captain, you will have to select a new one before confirming the trades.
  • Any changes you make to your team will apply to all contests you’ve joined – the Season Long Contest, Round Contests and Private Contests.
  • The value of a player depends on his performance in the past rounds and can change every round. So keep an eye out on your available credits during trading!


  • Be active to all the rounds and keep on tracking your progress.
  • Use all 3 free trades.
  • Some team might play more matches than others in a particular round so try to have more players of the team which has more matches.
  • Choose Captain and Vice Captain very wisely because they can affect a lot in your position.
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