Invisible Aligners – A Revolutionary Product for Correction of Irregular Teeth Invisibly by ODS Aligners – Noida


Noida based company Ortho Dentists Solutions Aligners has come up with aligners for teeth which are completely invisible and made of plastic. These aligners can replace bracelets and give comfort to patients working in offices.

Earlier, bracelets used to be completely visible and had black color. After that colorless bracelets with ceramic metal came, but they used to touch the tongue and resulted in difficulties. These clear aligners are based on a new technology and are not visible.

The cost of these aligners varies from Rs 50,000 to Rs 150000.

These aligners created with computer imaging. There are sets of aligners which a patient is advised to use during the duration of treatment. These aligners help strighten the teeth. Orthodontists say that these aligners are reliable.

“ODS aligners do not have any metal and they are being manufactured in India. Such aligners used to be available in the US and were unaffordable. These aligners are good for gums and teeth health,” said Dr Nalini CM, a Bengaluru-based orthodontist.

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